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Flying Eagle B5S(BKB)Inline Skates Black/Pink

Flying Eagle B5S(BKB)Inline Skates Black/Pink

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Sizing Tips:
These skates are true to size. Zero break-ins are required. If the skates do not come in half sizes or doubt your true size, then round your size up.
Generally, choose the size of your own skates according to the number of sports shoes. If your instep is relatively high or your feet are relatively wide, it is recommended that you choose a larger size of skates

Size Selection:
Size / Sole Length (mm) / Foot Length (mm)

36/37 / 226 / 213-228
37/38 / 235 / 230-240
39/40 / 252 / 250-255
41/42 / 267 / 265-270
43/44 / 285 / 280-290

The boot is supportive, with ventilation holes keeping the foot cool and providing
extra flexion. The boot construction will benefit users who want decent energy
transfer with fewer pressure points on foot, reducing fatigue!
The extruded aluminum frame is lightweight and durable, offering excellent
energy transfer. The wheels are decent for recreational skating, with a durometer
of 85a providing a smooth, grippy roll.
The dual fit liner is very comfortable for the price. Soft padding keeps the foot
cushioned, and the neoprene toe box allows easy fit.
-High-quality resistant plastic shell for protection against collision
-Durable metal buckle with an easy fastening system for secure ft
-CNC extruded aluminum frame for a solid power transfer
-Removable and padded liners are comfortable and nicely fit
-Suitable for beginners and intermediate skaters
Wheel Size
EU 37- 40 uses 76mm wheels and EU 41- 46 uses 80mm wheels.

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